General Practice Services

Paediatric care

We have both worked in hospital paediatrics and are experienced with children and children’s illnesses. We are registered with the under 6's doctor visit cards. We assess children for 2 week and 6 week checks and provide their vaccinations free of charge. Same day appointments are available for any concerned parents with sick children.

Geriatric care

Both doctors have higher diplomas in care of the elderly. We promote healthy older age and encourage our more elderly patients to reach their fullest potential.

Women’s health

Services available include cervical smear tests, family planning, LARC, advice on sexual health, STD screening, antenatal care, postnatal care and health issues associated with the menopause.

Men’s health

We promote all aspects of healthy living for men focusing particularly on preventative medicine with advice regarding exercise, healthy diet, alcohol reduction, smoking cessation, stress reduction and weight loss.

Health screening

Cardiovascular risk assessment, ECG, Blood tests, 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitors.
Breast exam.
Chronic disease management;
Diabetes, Heart failure, Hypertension, Chronic lung disease and asthma. 

House calls

We encourage our patients to attend the surgery which facilitates better assessment but if you are unable to attend please ring before 10.30am and a house call may possibly be arranged for patients in our catchment area.

Palliative care

We have many years’ experience assisting patients and their families through this sensitive time in their lives.

Other services

Driving, Pre-employment, and Insurance medicals.
Sports Injuries and Orthopaedic Medicine.
Joint Injections.
Spirometry (lung function testing).
Ear syringing.
Suturing cuts and wounds.