If you think you have been affected by COVID-19 , been in contact with a patient diagnosed with Corona virus, or have fever and/or respiratory symptoms of cough or sore throat please DO NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY, but telephone  us. There is no charge for Covid infection related consultations.

It is imperative to prevent this viral infection; you practice good hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing. You may need to self-isolate. If you are unsure as to whether you should self isolate, please do so, until you discuss further with the doctor, who will advise you regarding self isolation and self quarantine.

In order to prevent the spread of this virus we are moving towards more telephone consults, Whats-App video calls, posting certs and emailing scripts securely to your chemist. This is to limit foot-fall in the surgery and protect our most vulnerable patients. It is also to try to keep us healthy as your health-care professionals so that we can fight this pandemic together. Please do not make any 'drop-in' calls to the surgery without calling first, except of course in an emergency.

In the midst of this, we will continue to care for our patients. While some routine check ups may be postponed, it is important not to neglect your maternity check up and baby vaccinations, which should continue as normal.

For further updated information on Corona virus please visit this page on the HSE website .

You can view this PDF guidelines (as of 25/03/2020) for patients who think that they may need to be tested. If in doubt, telephone the surgery.

You can view this PDF or visit this page for information on self isolation and self quarantine.


Please visit   back-to-school-advice-for-parents-1.pdf  to review current guidelines regarding your child at school to help prevent infection risk

If you are unsure about  whether your child has symptoms or should attend school please look at these guidelines; Isolation-quick-guide-v2.1-1.pdf  or contact the surgery  if you have any concerns.

an  visit this page on the HSE website for information on minding your mental health during the Covid outbreak