Covid Vaccination

Update as of 12/02/2021; The national Covid vaccination rollout for GP surgeries due to start  In our surgery soon. We will be contacting our patients aged 85 and older, and inviting them for vaccination in our surgery As soon as delivery date is confirmed. The information coming through regarding these vaccinations is astounding, showing extremely low risk of severe side effects, and yet enormously reducing the risk of severe illness and death from Covid 19. As soon as we receive delivery of vaccines,  we will be making our vaccination clinics our top priority to have our patients protected as soon as possible.

We are ethically obliged to vaccinate our patients in order of those at highest risk. Please see the information below explaining why patients are allocated in this way. We are not in a position to allow patients 'jump the queue' but the aim is to have our highest risk vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible. Safety is our priority


When the vaccines become available, we will be first inviting our over 85 year old patients, and then in order of age down to over 70 years old, and then through the next groups. This list may evolve and change, but for the present it will be our over 70 year old patients our top concern.

Please do not ring the surgery, or take up doctors' or receptionists' time explaining why you are eligible to jump the queue. This is not a decision that is up to us, or our staff and we are bound to obey the guidelines set out by our regulatory authorities. 

Consent form for  vaccination: At present this is open only for our patients aged 70 years and older. Please fill and return in order that we may invite you for vaccination in the coming weeks. Priority is initially given to those aged 85 years and older:

Further information regarding Covid vaccination can be found here: